Finnish Sauna
Take advantage of our sauna as a natural and pleasant cure: the dry, hot atmosphere at 80-90°C (176-194°F) helps to excrete toxins, excess fat and metabolic waste products. The immune system is strengthened, the blood circulation is stimulated, the muscles and the nervous system are relaxed, the skin is relieved and revitalized of impurities and internal organs are motivated. The heat opens the pores of the skin and stimulates a strong transpiration. The sauna also carries out a very beneficial effect on the heart and stabilizes the blood circulation and pressure.

Turkish steam bath
What, after a beautiful hike or a fulfilling day on the ski slopes is more relaxing than a steam bath? Steam baths are relaxing, healthy and diminuish aggressions. The moist and gentle heat of about 45°C (113°F) stimulates the blood circulation. It also sweat out toxins. The steam bath is espescially suitable for a cure against flu and colds and supports the reduction of high blood pressure.

Before your trips in summer as in winter, prevent your skin from sunburn and sun allergies. Sunlight, whether natural or factitious has much more effect on our bodies than just the first glance visible as browning pigmentation of the skin. Sun strengthens the immune system and stimulates the production of vitamins in the body. Sun also provides a healthy blood circulation.

Whirlpool / Jacuzzi
Do you fancy for a massage, then use our Jacuzzi. The hot water and the bubbling movements stimulate the blood flow to the muscles and the metabolism, improve the skin blood vessels and connective tissues, relaxe the blood circulation and in particular relieve tensions. Relax and liberate from stress.